back to school

yeah, maybe we are a little too old for school...
but this is a special school :)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair - Rye
skin | [PF] Alyx <Vanilla>
ears |  Illusions - Fairy Ears
glasses | Reek - Junior Shades
school uniform | FATEplay - Jenny - Gryffindor
shoes |  ::BB:: Leeke Doll Shoes
accessories | FATEplay - Jenny Wand - Incendio
                    Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Nettles) + (Pumpkin)
                    Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Kiwi)

skin | Belleza- Ashton
eyes | FATEeyes
school uniform | FATEplay - Henry - Hufflepuff
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*
accessories | FATEplay - Henry Wand - Incendio

Location |  Mischief Managed / expecto


an unreal morning...

The breeze is cold and the horizon is hidden in the fog,
waves whipping against the cliff.
I can hear the horn of a ship in the distant
and seagulls screech from nowhere.

What an unreal morning... on my way home from a long night.

Shopping list:

skin | Belleza- Ashton
eyes | FATEeyes
coat | FATEwear Coat - Dante - Quagmire
shirt | FATEwear Dante Shirt - Lake
tie | FATEwear Dante Tie - Highlands
pants | FATEwear Pants - Brad - Quagmire
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

poses | TorridWear

Location | FATEisland


just a dream...

I lie here and dream a day
blue is the sky
white clouds float away

it feels like flying
with my friends made of paper
I have to go back to the real world......... later
(my first poem in english... don't judge me)

Shopping list:

skin | [PF] Alyx <Vanilla> - Natural
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Aida Mesh Hair - Rye
dress | The Secret Store - Sequined Flapper Dress V2 - Vanilla
prop + pose |  vespertine- papercrane