too early

Hey! What are you doing here? Get out of here! We're not done yet.
We show you our new winter outfits when you scroll down a bit ;)

Actually, it's not the weather for this clothing... But the new stuff is so great, we had to try it on.

... can't wait for winter

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie and Brrree
coat | coldLogic coat - shreve.plum
hands | Slink Mesh Hands
pants | The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans
feet | Slink Mesh Feet
boots | [Gos] Aviator Boot - Amelia in Worn

cap | .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie
sweater | FATEwear Coat - Derrick Sweater- London
coat | FATEwear Coat - Derrick - Ocean
pants | FATEwear Pants - John - London
gloves | FATEwear Glove - Dexter - London
shoes | [Gos] Aviator Boot - Yeager in Worn

poses | Bounce This Poses
furniture and decoration | GLITTERATI - The Shopaholic Closet


the game

Sid was on a game mission. I don't know what it was about... I was just taking the pictures.

I am not a gamer, I just know that this great coat is inspired by a game.
So please forgive me my ignorance. Maybe this is how I imagine this games...

Shopping list:

skin | -Belleza- Ashton SK 12 Hair
eyes |  FATEeyes (small)
coat | FATEwear Coat - Desmond - VolcanicAsh
pants | FATEwear Suit - Willard Pants - Void
shoes | [Gos] Aviator Boot - Yeager in Worn

pose | TorridWear

location |  Rustica


old movie

I fell asleep in front of the TV during an old black and white movie.
You know these kind of movies where she enters a detective office, to report a missing whatever. After they survive dangerous situations and find the lost whatever, she falls in love with the handsome detective. The last scene is the romantic Hollywood kiss.

beeeep! beeeep! beeeep! The alarm clock rings.
What a relief, my life is back in technicolor.

Shopping list:

skin | :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Yum-Electric Blueberry BL
hair | >TRUTH< Isla - champagne
jewelry | ~Muse~ The Dauphine
dress | SYSY's-Mesh-Bellegown- White | cinema
stole | !Ohmai - A Lil' Foxy (Artic Fox)
hands | Slink Mesh Hands

skin | -Belleza- Ashton
pants | FATEwear Suit - Willard Pants - Void
shirt | FATEwear Suit - Willard Shirt - Tundra
waistcoat | FATEwear Suit - Willard Waistcoat - Void
tie | FATEwear Suit - Willard Tie - London

skybox |  estatica Bertram | cinema
furniture | estatica Bertram Desk, Chair, Armoire and Sofa | cinema
decoration | FNKY! Cigarette II Set

pose | TorridWear
          Bounce This



I love going to the movies!

No movie without popcorn, nachos and gummy bears... and of course a cold drink. It's always a problem to carry all that stuff, they should offer a servant or at least a basket... or maybe a servant with a basket.

So after we got all MY food ;) I have to figure out which movie we want to see. Sid wants to see the new horror film, but I don't like scary movies.
He on the other side is not a big fan of romantic comedies. I guess it's best to choose an action movie since we both enjoy those.
Hopefully we bought enough snacks, because usually everything is finished during the previews.

Shopping list:

hair | D!va Hair "Tomoko2"
chewing gum |[PF] Yum Bubblegum!
shirt | coldLogic top - early.pink
pants | Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
shoes | : ) BCC camelia Wedge Sandals Rospink
snacks | Exposeur Apple Tea | cinema
             Cheeky Pea Sour Apple Gummies | cinema
             Fennux Cheesy Nachos | cinema

jacket | FATEwear Jacket - Slim - Ocean
shirt | FATEwear Jacket - Slim Tee - Tundra
pants | FATEwear Pants - Jack - Void
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop
snacks | BOOM Cherry Popping Candies | cinema
             Exposeur Fruit Medley | cinema
             Fennux Artic Soda | cinema
             Pilot Popcorn Lrg | cinema

location | Cinema


it's raining

It's about time to sort all pictures I made the last years. So why not today... on this grey, rainy monday.
So many boxes with old snapshots and so many memories. Asti (my dog) is already asleep and after I filled the first album, I'm also lazy.

Oh, look! It's not raining anymore, let's go outside.

Shopping list:

hair | D!va Hair "Jina" (Type A) Moon stone
dress | The Secret Store and Nyu - Fall Babydoll Dress - Prussian
boots | *GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots "Will" -ivory-
ring | Shakeup! Vintage Ring [13] | Arcade gatcha
hands | Slink Mesh Hands

furniture and decor
dog | Zooby
ottoman | Thistle Friendly Ottoman
lamp | LISP - Rope Trick Lamp

poses | CnS | cinema


private dance

Sid came back from his fishing trip and I had a sexy surprise for him.
I asked him to sit down, I turned on the music...


and then he got a very private dance to welcome him... He certainly is really happy to be home again.

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Nikki - Rye | cinema
hat | Indyra Originals - Garbo top hat-Noir | cinema
outfit | Indyra Originals RTW- Jessamine: Blanc | cinema
lingerie | Indyra Originals - Vicereine black | cinema
boots |[Gos] Equestrian Boot - Autumn Collection

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Hei - Tundra
tie | FATEwear Shirt - Hei Tie - Ocean
pants | FATEwear Suit - Willard Pants - Void
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

environment | Trompe Loeil - Peepshow Skybox | cinema



Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) is a Japanese festival to honoring the autumn moon.

I put on my Kimono and visited this lovely, silent place with a little pond in which the full moon reflects.

I had a seat by the water and enjoyed the Shiratama-dango (Japanese dumpling) and the green tea in this beautiful atmosphere.

This place is really worth a visit. In the house is a little market with traditional japanese tsukimi items and a little gift.

Shopping list:

skin | :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Pin Up-Apple Pie 2
hair | D!va Hair "Jina" (Type A)(Onyx)
necklace | *DC* 'Fenice'
kimono | Sweetaholic/*Oiran
shoes | Sweetaholic/*Geta

furniture and decor
table and decoration | [Zacca] Tsukimi set
futon and folding screen | Sway's Futon & Folding Screen [Tsukimi]
food | * nonino * Shiratama-dango | gift

location | PLUTO +


gone fishing

I left a note for her: gone fishing...

Some quiet time for me. All alone, listening to the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the treetops. 

Having a grilled fish, after I finally caught it... and hope tonight the mosquitoes don't bite me.

Shopping list:

shirt | FATEwear Jacket - Marshall Tee - London
jacket | FATEwear Jacket - Marshall - ArcticOcean
pants | FATEwear Pants - John - Lake
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop

pose | Bounce This Poses

location | SwayLand


at her feet

Sid came to pick me up for dinner. I couldn't decide what should I wear to my new boots... therefore I took his shirt.

It looks as if we no longer go out for dinner ;)
No time for more words ... have to get back to my hot date.

Shopping list:

pants | FATEwear Suit - Christopher Pants - London
shirt | FATEwear Suit - Christopher Shirt - Tundra
tie | FATEwear Suit - Christopher Tie - Volcano
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

hair | TRUTH Swift - champagne
shirt | Maitreya BF Shirt - White
boots | [Gos] Equestrian Boot - Autumn

pose | Bounce This Poses



Today is German Unification Day. 23 years ago the Berlin Wall fell!

There are still so many differences between east and west.
I hope some day there will only be left the memory of a split country and the prejudices and differences are gone.

always remember: Wir sind das/ein Volk! (we are the/one people)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie - Rye
shirt | coldLogic top - larsen.yellow
jacket | coldLogic combo - lepore.black/white
pants | coldLogic trouser - simmonds.berry
shoes | PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor
buttons | Sway's PinButton [Flag] Germany
              Sway's PinButton [Fun] peace colored

cap | .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie
shirt | FATEwear Jacket - Dean Tee - London
jacket | FATEwear Jacket - Dean - Volcano + Quagmire
pants | FATEwear Pants - Jack - Ocean
shoes | [Gos] Aviator Boot - Yeager in Worn
buttons | Sway's PinButton [Flag] Germany
              Sway's PinButton [Fun] peace colored

poses | [snOok] Peace Out
            Nuwiggles. Lookbook
            Bounce This Poses

environment | Made in Germany - one Piece of Berlin Wall