happy holidays!

After a very busy pre Christmas time I enjoy the quiet walk through the woods. The world is tucked in a white blanket and all I hear is the crunching snow under my feet.
It's almost Christmas eve and Teddy and I are hunting for a nice little Christmas tree. (Hunting for trees in the woods is only okay in SL. Don't do this in RL except it is allowed where you live.) And then my little SL Christmas tradition starts. I take out my favorite music box (I have bought that music box on my first Christmas in SL) that plays 'Silent Night' while decorating the tree with old and new ornaments I've collected over the years. 

I wish you and your loved one happy holidays, a very merry Christmas and love, luck and health for the new year. Sway

Shopping list:

hat | 8f8_OWL Hat_FOREST
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Cora
glasses | Reek - Junior Shades
skin | Glam Affair - Angelica
scarf | FATEwear Scarf - Harry
sweater |coldLogic outfit - hart.heather - shirt
pants | coldLogic jeggings - seyfried.classic
boots | League* Winter Wedge Boot
teddy | Sway's Cookie Bear [Candy Bear]
sled | *MishMish* Big Snowbles (sled only)

Skye & Botanical


jingle bells...

It's cold outside and I'm waiting for the first snowflakes of the winter.
I ate too many of this very yummy Christmas cookie and have an upset stomach. But you know what always helps?
A lazy morning with my favorite hot water bottle, listening to the crackling fire and thinking of what gifts will be inside of this lovely wrapped boxes under the tree.
And I feel better already!
Dancing in my Pyjamas through the house while singing: 'Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to dance...'

Shopping list:

hair | TRUTH HAIR Althea
skin | Glam Affair - Angelica
eyes | IKON Ardent Eyes
ears | Illusions - Fairy Ears
glasses | Reek - Junior Shades
hands | Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
pyjamas | FATEwear - Warner
hot-water bottle | Sway's hot-water bottle [Cuddle] owl | Arcade

table | Sway's [Wonderful Life] Coffee table | The Garden
candles | Sway's [Wonderful Life] Candles and baubles | The Garden
tree | Sway's Christmas tree (A) traditional
ornaments | Sway's [Rocking Horse] Ornament | The Garden
teddy bear | <:*BoOgErS*:> Rudolph Bear | Arcade
fireplace | Alouette - Bailey Fireplace | The Garden
stockings | Sway's Xmas Stocking - snowflakes pink
                  Sway's Xmas Stocking - plain green
pictures | Sway's WallArt snowflake | SwayLand Advent Calendar
               Sway's WallArt christmas | SwayLand Advent Calendar
snowgloge | floorplan. music snow globe / christmas | Arcade
hanging decoration |Sway's [Holiday branch] noel
chair | Sway's [Wonderful Life] Armchair with stool | The Garden
           Sway's [Wonderful Life] Armchair with pillows | The Garden
cookies | *nonino* Cookie and Hot Milk | SwayLand Advent Calendar
window decoration | [Zacca] Christmas Himmeli - B | SwayLand Advent Calendar
hot-water bottle | Sway's hot-water bottle [Cuddle] santa | Arcade
carpet | Sway's [Wonderful Life] Rug - red | The Garden