with the matchstick men

Today I visited Cica Ghost's black and white world. There is so much to see and discover.

 I played with a butterfly...
 ...kids were playing ball and fly a kite...
...I saw couples in love...
   ...I was dancing in the rain with matchstick men...
This world is full of love, heart and color! (when you see behind the black and white)

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)           

Shopping list:

skin | :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Yum-Fatpack Bonus2
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie - Rye
earrings | *DCD* 'Ebony'
dress | coldLogic dress - montgomery.ebony
boots | *GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots "Will" ivory
butterfly | welcome gift at *Cica*
poses | Bounce This Poses

location | * C i c a *


if I were a boy

Everything started when Sidney showed me his new jacket. Green! That is MY color! As soon as he turned around I just took his jacket and made it to my ;)

Well, as a guy you have to shave something on your head, right? I don't have a beard (thankfully) so I left some hair...

What else... Yep I need a bike. I took a test drive and it was real fun. Maybe I'll stay a guy for more than a day :)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Aida - Rye
skin | :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Yum-Plum Slump
ears | *~*Illusions*~* Fairy Ears
earring | /artilleri/ fancy dice
cigarette | FNKY! Cigarette II (smoking is unhealthy)
shirt | FATEwear Jacket - Dean Tee - Tundra
jacket | FATEwear Jacket - Dean - Forest
pin |  Sway's PinButton (coming soon)
pants | Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
shoes | [Gos] Triumph Boots - Massai

poses | Bounce This Poses
location |  Shiva - (CORSE GP - racing track - Cars & Motorbikes - by PREFABRICA)


furniture in the garden

I was on a little vacation for the weekend and when I came home I found my furniture in the garden and boxes with my stuff in front of the door.

My first thought was: Sidney kicks me out of my own house?!
Carefully I opened the door... It took a load off my mind. Sid stood on the ladder and painted the wall.

Looks like he wanted to move in... I just hope the house is big enough for both of us.

Shopping list:

hair |/Wasabi Pills/ Claire
earrings | *DCD* 'Ebony'
glasses | Reek - Junior Shades
outfit | coldLogic combo - ambrose.java
socks | Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Mocha
shoes | Maitreya Gold * Moxie Browns

skin | Belleza- Ashton
shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Charley - Volcano
pants | FATEwear Pants - John - Ocean
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop

furniture and decor
environment |  Rustica - Sky Moon
house | Reek - Snowy Cottage
doormat | Sway's Doormat [Spring Birds]
guitar | Sway's Lawn Chair [Peace]
table and chairs |Sway's [Brenda] Table & Chair Set

dog | zooby
pizzy and beer | Dutchie subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner
radio | Reek - Radio
lamp | LISP - Rope Trick Lamp
painting utensils | Sway's painter set
teddy | MESHWORX - Meshie D | Arcade gatcha

poses | Bounce This Poses


the car

Sid bugged me all day with the question whether he may drive my car.
To be honest ... I do not like when others drive with my car. Then you always have to readjust the seat and mirror. And I'm not a good passenger, I am always carsick.

But since I knew he would not stop annoying me... so I said: yes

What a surprise! This time I was not carsick...
because we ended up making out on the back seat ;)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Gloria
jewelry | *DC* Rose Petal Necklace and Earrings
shirt | coldLogic shirt - cook.pink
pants | coldLogic trouser - eise.taupe
shoes | Leverocci - Lace Up Wedges

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Irwin - Jungle
pants | FATEwear Suit - Christopher Pants - London
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

car | [AOBA-CAR]STROLL -cheerful edition-

poses | Bounce This Poses


black & white

I'm in black and white mood today.

My inventory is a huge mess and everytime when I try to clean it, something comes in between. I thought I'll start small and sort the hair folder when I found this lovely hair that I had almost forgotten.

This hair will certainly stay in my inventory.

Shopping list:

hair | [LeLutka]-RAIN hair - Sweeden
shirt | coldLogic combo - lepore.black/white (tube only)
jacket | coldLogic combo - may.white (jacket only)
skirt | coldLogic skirt - welchel.gray
shoes | Maitreya Gold - IXkin Black
ring | Shakeup! Vintage Ring [02] | Arcade gatcha

furniture | Trompe Loeil - Baroque Bench Poplar+White | Arcade gatcha | 3 Li
pose | Sway's Art'Box


lazy evening

Saturday evening... all the work is done (ahm... ok, most of) and I decided to have a lazy evening.
I took the book what I try to read since weeks and make myself comfortable.

I just hope nobody is disturbing my cosy time..
But I don't think so because everyone is at the Arcade. ;)

... and I will be there too... tomorrow.

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Alice
top | coldLogic combo - lepore.green (tube only)
pants | coldLogic trouser - gassel.brown
shoes | 77 Loafers - Epice
ring | Shakeup! Vintage Ring [06] | Arcade gatcha
bracelet | ASO!AlphabetBrace | Arcade gatcha

cabinet | floorplan. chevron cubby blue | Arcade gatcha | 3 Li
flowerpot | (NO) Doll Head Vase - Mother Nature | Arcade gatcha | 8 Li
clock | The Loft - Book Clock Amile | Arcade gatcha | 3 Li
picture |  MudHoney Sunshine Sign | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li
chair | {what next} Oslo Chair (patchwork) | Arcade gatcha | 2 Li
piggy | Sway's [Piggy Bank] Pastel - red | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li
crayon box | R(S)W Crayon Box - 48 Colors | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li


Housework... I don't like it, it's not fun.

Certainly not if your guy always arrives with those dirty sportswear. Sure, the laundry machine cleans it easily but I have to ironing it.

Yay! I'm done but next time it is Sidney's turn to do the housework. ;)

Shopping list:

hair | /artilleri/ Sabina II hair *platina*
dress | JANE - marsha tunic.spectrum
shoes | SM Zimmy Flats - copper

ironing utensils | LISP - Dolly Days Ironing Board | Arcade gatcha | 3-24 Li
                           LISP - Dolly Days Basket | Arcade gatcha | 3 Li
wall decoration | Reek - Letter Tiles | 1 Li



I was shopping... and I had a little snack on the way.
I couldn't decide taking the yummy macarons or the healthy food. So I took them both :)

Now the fridge is full again, waiting to be eaten by Sid ;)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi
dress | coldLogic dress - montgomery.sea
shoes | : ) BCC camelia Wedge Sandals Mint
ring | :CP: Macaron Ring - Orange | Arcade gatcha
bag | :pesca:old shoulder bag/rudder-brown | Arcade gatcha
I'm eating | : ) BCC Vanilla macaron | Arcade gatcha
shopping bags | : ) BCC Rainbow macaron Paper bag | Arcade gatcha
                         : ) BCC macaron Paper bag Vegetables | Arcade gatcha
cart | : ) BCC macaron Shopping Cart | Arcade gatcha


After a long night with way to less sleep we got up to have a tiny breakfast. There was nothing left in the kitchen just herbs, eggs and coffee.
Luckily I found some food in the fridge to make a sandwich.

Sid was not in a good mood, until he saw the new egg cup and its moving legs. I guess from now on we will have eggs for breakfast every day :)

Right after my coffee i have to go shopping to fill the fridge again.
I will just quickly write the

Shopping list:

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Jimmy - VolcanicTundra
pants | FATEwear Shorts - Grylls - Desert
skin | Belleza- Ashton

hair | Maitreya Green II - Natural Blond
outfit | coldLogic romper - briggs.keylime
socks | Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks
bracelet | ASO!AlphabetBrace | Arcade gatcha
tray | [LOVE SOUL] Food Tray*Sandwich-2* | Arcade gatcha

furniture and decor
egg cups | !O: Humpty for Breakfast [Dorothy] | Arcade gatcha | 8 Li
                 !O: Humpty for Breakfast [PolkaGreen] | Arcade gatcha | 8 Li
herbs | !O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Noah's Ark Dark] | Arcade gatcha | 2 Li
           !O: Animal Spice Gatcha (all)  | Arcade gatcha | 2 Li
candle | Sway's Lightbag Candle [Butterfly] blue | H&G market Hunt | 2 Li
clock | floorplan. driftwood clock | Arcade gatcha | 2 Li
coffe mugs |  Sway's Coffee Mug Mrs & Mr | 2 Li
lamp | Sway's Teacup Lamp [Tasha] | 7 Li
table & chairs | Table & Chair Set [Brenda]


legs and more...

After all this blogging I thought of taking a break. So I tried to relax between all those legs and piggy banks.

Then another message arrived. More lovely items for the Arcade Gatcha...
Well, glad I still have my camera around. runs to the arcade

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko
glasses | Reek - Junior Shades
outfit | coldLogic romper - rae
shoes | Ingenue :: Ariane :: | Arcade gatcha
camera | Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck Mint | Arcade gatcha
bracelet | ASO!AlphabetBrace | Arcade gatcha
ring | [HANDverk]Serpent Ring.orange | Arcade gatcha
          Shakeup! Vintage Ring [17] | Arcade gatcha

poses | Bounce This Poses

decor |  Sway's [Piggy Bank] | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li

furniture | [*Art Dummy!] Pandora's wooden legs. | Arcade gatcha | 3-4 Li
                 [*Art Dummy!] Pandora's Wooden Arms | Arcade gatcha | 6 Li


plushy and playful

Mini Sway (8) and lil Sid (9) have discovered the toys that I brought from the Arcade Gatcha event.

Mini Sway immediately fell in love with the little orange plushie fish.
Lil Sid on the other hand had most fun teasing her with a tiny flying UFO.

But then they found the fire truck and a ray gun and my quiet time was over. I just heard beep beep, wee-woo and other weird noises.

Better I go out there to check what nonsense the little ones do now.. 
but first the

Shopping list:

mini Sway 
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Shiori - Rye
skin | :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Angel-Pure 2
necklace | BALACLAVA!! Scout Badge Remade Necklace I | Arcade gatcha
shirt | NB_Arcade Tee_1Up | Arcade gatcha
pants | {mon tissu} Denim - Lou Lou
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop
plushy | Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Circus the Clownfish | Arcade gatcha
toy gun | BALACLAVA!! Space Patrol Raygun II | Arcade gatcha
hat | BALACLAVA!! Space Patrol Helmet | Arcade gatcha

lil Sid

hair | >TRUTH< Jared - chocolate
skin | Purretes *-* Jay
shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Hank - WinterForest
pants | FATEwear Pants - Jimmy - ArcticOcean
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop
plushy | Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Squirt the Whale | Arcade gatcha
hat | BALACLAVA!! Firefighter Helmet | Arcade gatcha
toy ufo | BALACLAVA!! Pet UFO Mini  | Arcade gatcha

toys | BALACLAVA!! Ride-On Fire Truck | Arcade gatcha | 8 Li
          BALACLAVA!! RC Bumper Car GREEN | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li
          BALACLAVA!! RC Bumper Car RED | Arcade gatcha | 1 Li

poses | Glitterati basic

P.S.: I feel a bit like a split Personality after this post. ;)

S and D

S like Sway and Sidney, D like Dench and Danick
After playing some gatcha, I got our initials. Im glad we have the same ;)

Sid invited me to go dancing, so I had a chance to wear this sexy dress. And finally, I found one of my favorite shoes in the shallows of my inventory. We both were dressed up and ready to go...

... but no, not before I took some pics for you and give you the

Shopping list:

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Hei - Volcano
pants | FATEwear Suit - Willard Pants - Void
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

hair | >TRUTH< Kaelyn - champagne
dress | coldLogic dress - cleaver.scarlet
shoes | *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex"
ring | [HANDverk]Serpent Ring.red | Arcade gatcha

poses | Bounce This Poses

decor | [Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / D | Arcade gatcha | 70 Li
            [Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / S | Arcade gatcha | 75 Li


Arcade Gatcha #1

The Arcade Gatcha Event starts in a few days and there is so much great stuff to show you, that don't fit in one post.

First of all I love the Gatcha machines, made especially for this event from Anya Ohmai. (Unfortunately they aren't for sale.)
But the other thing which I will show you available :)


Oh! A skunk is sitting on my shoulder. But no worries it's not stinky.
It's so cute and it moves its head.

I got a new.. ahm, a new old... camera. Love the old style of it, I have one of these in RL from my grandpa but it isn't working anymore. This one here is working, just touch it and you get the 'click click'.
And I have a new ring, it comes in many colors and vintage motifs. I'm sure I will show this more often :)

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie
shirt | coldLogic shirt - miller.sand
skirt | coldLogic skirt - miller.sand
boots | *GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots "Will"
camera | Tee*fy Vintage Grandpa's Old Camera | gatcha
shoulder pet | d-lab-Skunk-Shoulder-BLACK01 | gatcha
ring | Shakeup! Vintage Ring [01] | gatcha
pose | Bounce This Poses


at the Arcade

Hi my little Piggy... I go to a gatcha and you know what that means for you?!

You see, it wasn't that painful... I have my money and you have a very stylish patch ;)
Now I'm prepared to go to the Arcade Gatcha Event.

This is a lovely place, the weather was not so good but at least it wasn't raining.

First i had a look over the ocean, saw some seagulls and a little ship, then I had a snack nom nom and some relaxing time at the pier. On my way out I met a funny looking guy :D

The Arcade Gatcha Event opens on september 15th

Shopping list:

hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie
outfit | coldLogic combo - watson
ring | :CP: Macaron Ring - Gold (for Arcade Gatcha)
tights | {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights
boots | [Gos] Rigged Wellington
piggy | Sway's [Piggy Bank] survivor (for Arcade Gatcha)

he has found a ball...

Sidney has found a ball...
So he jumped in some of his new and comfy clothes and outside he was, playing soccer.

...as long as he plays I'd write the

Shopping list:

top left
shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Bruce
pants | FATEwear Shorts - Grylls
bottom left
shirt | FATEwear Shirt - George
pants | FATEwear Shorts - Zack

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Jimmy
pants | FATEwear Pants - Jimmy

shoes | AKEYO Chuck-HiTop

poses & soccer ball | swAyNimation - Soccer #1


may I introduce... Sidney

Today is a special day, it's the opening of FATEware!
I persuaded Sidney (my alt) to help me so I can show you this high quality mesh clothing for men.

It is stunning what Damien has done. So many brilliant and detailed items, shirts, pants, shorts and suits... Sidney and I will show you more soon.

Because he owes it to me having this great clothes, Sidney carries me on hands ;)

Shopping list:

skin | Belleza- Ashton
eyes | FATEeyes
shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Irwin
pants | FATEwear Pants - John
shoes | AKEYO Chuck-HiTop

skin | Curio Yum-Cranberry Crush BL
ears | Illusions - Fairy Ears
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko
necklace |  *DC* Alphabet Necklace 'S'
glasses | Reek - Augie Glasses
shirt | coldLogic shirt - naples
pants | Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
shoes | [LeLutka]-K.I.A.

poses | Glitterati - Lineup
             Sway's Doormat [Welcome]
             swAyNimation - hu'Man

the first time

Hello :)

Most of you know me as the designer of Sway's and the owner of SwayLand.
Now I try something new, I always thought it's fun to blog because there are so many lovely, cute and interesting things in SL... so I'll give it a try.

As you may know my first language is not english so I hope you excuse all my mistakes.
I thought you probably understand more when I write in broken english instead of making this whole blog in german ;)

Let's begin...

I grabbed my new camera and took some shots. It's really fun and it reminds me a lot of my RL when I walk around and take photographs.

Then I took a closer look to this cute or better I say 'yummy' ring. It's from the Arcade Gatcha event.
I'm a Lucky one, got my favorite color after 3 tries :))

Well, I go on with taking photos for the next post.
But before I go, here is the...

Shopping list:

skin | Curio Yum-Cranberry Crush BL
hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie Mesh Hair
glasses | Reek - Augie Glasses
eyes | FATEeyes
ears | Illusions - Fairy Ears
camera | {what next} Pop-Shot Camera
ring | :CP: Macaron Ring (for Arcade Gatcha)
shirt | coldLogic top - early.green
pants | Maitreya Flare Jeans
shoes | [Gos] Gator Sport Clog

I welcome suggestions, criticism and tips.
Let me know what I can do better.