7 years...

Again a year has passed! It's my rezday. I am 7 :)
and again I have to think of my first day, the first experiences and the first people I met.

Today I want to share a little story with you.
I met this girl, Daniell, she was so kind and gave me 100 L$. I thought OMG thats so much and she just give it to me. Well, it was my first week in SL and the second time I was logged in. So I said Thank you and went to discover that sim, I don't remember the name anymore.

 It was a huge mall and I found a jewelery store.  I wanted a 'bling' necklace, as everybody back in 2007. I found the perfect one, it was 50 L$ and I bought it.

But all I got was a box with a picture of that necklace. I was so sad and disappointed. I just spent half of all my money for that necklace and I just got this darn box. I trashed it and tried to forget.
Some days later I found out what the box thing was and how it worked... but unfortunately the box with the necklace was already gone. 

Shopping list:

hair | TRUTH HAIR Stephania
skin | Glam Affair - Angelica
eyes | IKON Ardent Eyes - Bone
ears | Illusions*~* Fairy Ears
freckles |  [PXL] FullBody freckles
lipstick | [PF] <Vanilla> - Lip Lustre - Salmon
glasses |  Reek - Junior Shades
dress | coldLogic dress - loring.blush mocha
ring | (Yummy) Fortune Cookie Ring
shoes | The Secret Store - Oxford Heels - Nude


Strawberry Singh said...

awwwww, I recall throwing away many boxes before I figured out how it all worked too, lol. Happy Rezday! <3

Sway Dench said...

Thank you Strawberry <3

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