S and D

S like Sway and Sidney, D like Dench and Danick
After playing some gatcha, I got our initials. Im glad we have the same ;)

Sid invited me to go dancing, so I had a chance to wear this sexy dress. And finally, I found one of my favorite shoes in the shallows of my inventory. We both were dressed up and ready to go...

... but no, not before I took some pics for you and give you the

Shopping list:

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Hei - Volcano
pants | FATEwear Suit - Willard Pants - Void
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

hair | >TRUTH< Kaelyn - champagne
dress | coldLogic dress - cleaver.scarlet
shoes | *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex"
ring | [HANDverk]Serpent Ring.red | Arcade gatcha

poses | Bounce This Poses

decor | [Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / D | Arcade gatcha | 70 Li
            [Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / S | Arcade gatcha | 75 Li


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