the car

Sid bugged me all day with the question whether he may drive my car.
To be honest ... I do not like when others drive with my car. Then you always have to readjust the seat and mirror. And I'm not a good passenger, I am always carsick.

But since I knew he would not stop annoying me... so I said: yes

What a surprise! This time I was not carsick...
because we ended up making out on the back seat ;)

Shopping list:

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jewelry | *DC* Rose Petal Necklace and Earrings
shirt | coldLogic shirt - cook.pink
pants | coldLogic trouser - eise.taupe
shoes | Leverocci - Lace Up Wedges

shirt | FATEwear Shirt - Irwin - Jungle
pants | FATEwear Suit - Christopher Pants - London
shoes | iNEDIT-Footwear041 *Redford*

car | [AOBA-CAR]STROLL -cheerful edition-

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