Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) is a Japanese festival to honoring the autumn moon.

I put on my Kimono and visited this lovely, silent place with a little pond in which the full moon reflects.

I had a seat by the water and enjoyed the Shiratama-dango (Japanese dumpling) and the green tea in this beautiful atmosphere.

This place is really worth a visit. In the house is a little market with traditional japanese tsukimi items and a little gift.

Shopping list:

skin | :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Pin Up-Apple Pie 2
hair | D!va Hair "Jina" (Type A)(Onyx)
necklace | *DC* 'Fenice'
kimono | Sweetaholic/*Oiran
shoes | Sweetaholic/*Geta

furniture and decor
table and decoration | [Zacca] Tsukimi set
futon and folding screen | Sway's Futon & Folding Screen [Tsukimi]
food | * nonino * Shiratama-dango | gift

location | PLUTO +


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