I love going to the movies!

No movie without popcorn, nachos and gummy bears... and of course a cold drink. It's always a problem to carry all that stuff, they should offer a servant or at least a basket... or maybe a servant with a basket.

So after we got all MY food ;) I have to figure out which movie we want to see. Sid wants to see the new horror film, but I don't like scary movies.
He on the other side is not a big fan of romantic comedies. I guess it's best to choose an action movie since we both enjoy those.
Hopefully we bought enough snacks, because usually everything is finished during the previews.

Shopping list:

hair | D!va Hair "Tomoko2"
chewing gum |[PF] Yum Bubblegum!
shirt | coldLogic top - early.pink
pants | Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
shoes | : ) BCC camelia Wedge Sandals Rospink
snacks | Exposeur Apple Tea | cinema
             Cheeky Pea Sour Apple Gummies | cinema
             Fennux Cheesy Nachos | cinema

jacket | FATEwear Jacket - Slim - Ocean
shirt | FATEwear Jacket - Slim Tee - Tundra
pants | FATEwear Pants - Jack - Void
shoes | AKEYO_shoe_CHUCK-HiTop
snacks | BOOM Cherry Popping Candies | cinema
             Exposeur Fruit Medley | cinema
             Fennux Artic Soda | cinema
             Pilot Popcorn Lrg | cinema

location | Cinema


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